Kiss Off, Part 1

As P.C.s Santini and Quinnan respond to a burglar alarm, Santini sees Jessica Orton meeting covertly with Ferguson. Making excuses, Santini borrows the panda car and races to the Ortons' club where he confronts Jessica. As she storms off, there is a huge explosion. Santini is shocked when one of the officers assigned by AMIP to investigate the explosion is his old nemesis, D.S. Rosie Fox. Fox is suspicious of Santini's involvement, but her colleagues put it down to the animosity between them. As Santini returns to his flat, where his lover P.C. Hagen is waiting, he is kidnapped by Ferguson who assigns him the task of picking up a consignment of drugs from Amsterdam. Jessica Orton is brought in for questioning, but is released without charge. When she returns home, Santini is waiting for her, desperate to know if she grassed him up. They fight, and Santini hits Jessica, knocking her down the stairs and killing her. Realising her house is being watched, he escapes out the back.

This is a condensed version of the episodes Old Flame and the first half of Push It, broadcast (along with Kiss Off, Part 2) as a prelude to The Trial of Eddie Santini.

A video tape, The Bill: The Trial of Eddie Santini, featuring all three episodes, was released by Clear Vision on 9 October 2000. A DVD version was released by Prism Leisure (FHED1597) on 14 October 2002.

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