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Kids Don't Cry Anymore
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306 1991x015
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19th February 1991 FlagIcon UK small
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"Kids Don't Cry Anymore" is the 306th episode of The Bill. It was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 19 February 1991.


June sees a boy being bullied at a playground. On investigation she finds a lunch box with packets in it as well as a notebook with a list of names. The list is of drugs but the prices are kids' prices and the packets hold grass clippings and flour - almost like the children are playing shop. She goes to the local school to see if she can get some names.

Dashwood's transfer has been turned down. Burnside thinks it failed because Dashwood was dressed more smartly that the Chief Superintendent on the interview board.

Roach's ex-senior officer comes into CID asking for help with a case. He is now head of a security firm and, needing to impress his clients, wants Roach's help with a case. Roach is reluctant because he still hasn't forgiven his old boss for putting an innocent man in prison. While drowning his sorrows, Roach arrests a man at the pub with stolen watches.


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Patrick O'Connell reprises his role as former detective Harry Hopwood. He was previously seen in "Conscience".

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