Judas Kiss is the 1644th episode of The Bill

A shocked DC Spears watches as an uninvited DS Cork sips wine in her flat. He has broken in and claims to just want a drink with a mate. When a drunken DC Webb turns up she desperately tries to entice him inside but having spotted Cork he storms off. Finally Cork leaves but not before cruelly taunting her. In a court holding cell, Tommy Lawson, one of the reps at the hotel that hosted the quiz night, pleads with PC Klein to give him an alibi for the night of Fay's murder. When Klein refuses, Tommy threatens to reveal that he was smoking dope with him but Klein is adamant. Spears, Acting DI Rawton and Cork are searching prime suspect Bennett's house. Directed by Cork, Rawton re-checks some shelves where she finds a travel card belonging to one of the victims. Spears is suspicious and tells Rawton that she thought Cork had already searched there. When Bennett still denies being the rapist, a determined Spears resolves not to let Cork out of her sight but is totally ill-prepared for the trail leading to a horrific murder.

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