In Chambers
Episode No.   Series
305 1991x014
Original Airdate
14th February 1991 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Directed By
Episode Chronology:
In Chambers is the 305th episode of The Bill

D.S. Greig gets the evidence for an arson case from the property officer and goes to a conference in chambers but parks in the wrong space. The suspect is not responsible for his actions, and, according to a psychiatric report, unfit to plead. Greig is not happy that the case he spent months on might be chucked out. W.P.C.s French and Ford are being given cheek by two black youths. French takes one home, leaving Ford to deal with an alleged shoplifting. Ford wants to let the shoplifter off with a caution but, on taking him home, finds a room full of goods stolen from supermarkets.

  • Andrew Mackintosh as D.S. Greig
  • Nula Conwell as W.D.C. Martella
  • Kevin Lloyd as D.C. Lines
  • Vikki Gee-Dare as W.P.C. Ford
  • Natasha Williams as W.P.C. French
  • Sam Miller as Sgt. Maitland
  • Huw Higginson as P.C. Garfield
  • Lynne Miller as W.P.C. Marshall
  • Graham Cole as P.C. Stamp
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