In Broad Daylight is the 534th episode of The Bill

Brian Hewitt arrives at Sun Hill looking for his wife, Lindsay. He is told that she is in the station giving a statement. She was accosted by two men in a car. They tried to abduct her and she was forced to struggle to get away. Mr Hewitt tells Sergeant Maitland that Lindsay is still recovering after being raped the year before. Although some of the police officers express doubts about Lindsay's evidence, Maitland is convinced that it is worth pursuing. There isn't much to go on except the car model details and a general description of the man in the back seat. Lindsay, however, was able to kick a dent into the car door while making her escape. A car matching the description, with a fresh dent in the door, is found outside a pub.

DI Burnside is brought in to help, following shortage of officers. WDC Morgan and DC Carver arrive at the pub. Morgan quickly spots two young men, Tony Frankland and Dean Stacey, who are aggressively chatting up women, and decides to act as bait. Despite Carver's objections, she accepts a ride with the two men in the dented car. Carver follows her in his unmarked car and radios in his position. Carver loses the car and Burnside realises that they must have veered off into an abandoned warehouse. When they arrive at the warehouse, Morgan tries to escape. Frankland strikes her just as police back up arrives. Morgan arrests Stacey, while Frankland makes a run for it. When Carver corners him in another warehouse, Frankland falls and is concussed.

Morgan is reprimanded by DCI Meadows for taking unnecessary risks and for not being a team player. While being interrogated by Burnside, Stacey claims that he had no idea of Frankland's intentions and that it is all a misunderstanding. Stacey's father and his solicitor arrive, claiming that the boy was misguided by Frankland and is not to blame. Morgan learns that the victim of a recent rape attack, which occurred near where Stacey and Frankland live in Harlow, described her attackers as looking just like them. Burnside tells Dean Stacey that DNA tests will prove that he and his friend raped the woman in Harlow. Maitland asks Lindsay to testify against the men, against her husband's objections. When she learns of the attack in Harlow she agrees to help in the investigation.

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