Home To Roost is the 556th episode of The Bill.

P.C. Stamp and P.C. Quinnan attend to Ray Hickey, the victim of an assault at Sun Hill market. Sgt. Kendall, W.P.C. Datta, P.C. Stringer, a reluctant Ch. Insp. Conway and an even more reluctant P.C. Loxton accompany some local children on a day out to Chessington theme park. Datta loses one of her charges and finds him with his estranged father, Ken Deakin. W.P.C. Croft investigates the assault on Hickey and arrests Deakin, who had sought revenge on Hickey for violent abuse against his son. Hickey drops the assault charges.


P.C. Ron Smollett phones in sick in this episode. He would not appear on the show again.

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