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Home Beat
Episode No.   Series
15 1985x007
Original Airdate
2nd December 1985 FlagIcon UK small
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Home Beat is the 15th episode of The Bill. Petty crime and racial attacks; can a community police itself or will it always need men like Cryer's to do the dirty work.


Brownlow wants to start a Neighbourhood watch scheme with the support of Smith and Carver. After a rather heated meeting that got hijacked by interlopers, he discovers his petrol was nicked. The Ahmeds are having problems as racist language has been graffitied upon their house, soon after a protest erupts and their house is later firebombed. CID raid a modern day 'Fagin' who has been using a youth group as cover.


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Nick Stringer, who plays Terry Mitchell, would later join the cast as P.C. Ron Smollett.

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