Happy and Glorious: Part One is the 1604th episode of The Bill.

The Section House is closing, and PC Reg Hollis is not only looking for a new place to live, he is also applying for a transfer to SO14 (the Royal Protection unit). He is about to buy a flat owned by an elderly friend, Doreen Tyler, but when she changes her mind at the last minute and he opts not to rent Des Taviner's spare room, he moves in temporarily with Tony Stamp, driving Stamp to distraction. Hollis's intuition gives CID an important lead on a planned armed robbery, but his uniformed colleagues conspire to have Nick Klein organise the Section House closing party instead of him. Deciding to skip the party, Hollis goes to visit Doreen, but finds her dead in her flat. With no alibi, Hollis is the prime suspect for her murder, and he is suspended from duty.


This was originally broadcast (along with Happy and Glorious Part Two) as a feature-length episode.

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