Hammer To Fall
Episode No.   Series
323 1991x032
Original Airdate
18th April 1991 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Directed By
Episode Chronology:
Hammer To Fall is the 323rd episode of The Bill.

In an attempt to end the rift between D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach, D.C.I. Reid partners them on a drugs operation.

  • Christopher Ellison as D.I. Burnside
  • Tony Scannell as D.S. Roach
  • Carolyn Pickles as D.C.I. Reid
  • Andrew Mackintosh as D.S. Greig
  • Mark Wingett as D.C. Carver
  • Kevin Lloyd as D.C. Lines
  • Nula Conwell as W.D.C. Martella
  • Andrew Paul as P.C. Quinnan
  • Graham Cole as P.C. Stamp
  • Huw Higginson as P.C. Garfield
  • Nick Stringer as P.C. Smollett
  • Colin Tarrant as Insp. Monroe
  • Vikki Gee-Dare as W.P.C. Ford
  • Roland Oliver as Sgt. Corrie
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