Gun Crazy: Part Two is the 1604th episode of The Bill, first broadcast on 22nd June 2001. It continues the story from Gun Crazy, Part One.

Supt. Chandler and DI Cullen are not too pleased after DCI Meadows and DS McAllister release their prime suspect, Alan Merrick. DC Lennox receives a call from the Army, telling them of another suspect, a recent deserter named Jason Starr. Chandler has SO19 stake out Starr's flat, and is not pleased when Meadows just walks in and arrests him. Meanwhile, McAllister and reporter Andrea Roper are taken hostage by Merrick and Matty Fletcher, a teenager who idolises him. Merrick shoots Fletcher when he tries to leave, and is himself shot by SO19. Meadows and McAllister are congratulated for their handling of the situation, and Chandler realises he has underestimated Meadows as a detective.

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