Grey Area is the 1129th episode of The Bill

Irene Stanton, a sister at St Hugh's, calls into the station to report a suspicious death. She tells D.C.I. Meadows and W.D.C. Rawton that ahe and nurse Diana Holt were on duty the previous night and that a Mrs. Southwell had asked them to contact Dr. Jonathan Forsyth. On arrival, he asked the nurses to wait outside and drew the curtain around Mrs. Southwell's bed. When he emerged he them that the patient had passed away. Irene insists that she saw the doctor inject her with something other than the morphine he signed out from the dispensary, and then slip the vial into his coat pocket. She is certain that the doctor committed euthanasia but has come to the police rather than go through the hospital's official channels for fear they would cover it up.

Meadows and Rawton talk to Irene's superior, Angela Marant, who tells them that Stanton is a good nurse and that she cannot imagine she would fabricate the story, nor that Dr. Forsyth could be guilty. They talk briefly to Dr. Forsyth, who denies the allegation. They also talk to Diana, who backs Dr. Forsyth and reveals that he and Irene had been in a relationship, but that he had ended it.

Meadows and Rawton talk to Mrs. Southwell's son, who claims that his mother had told him of an arrangement she had with Dr. Forsyth, and the post mortem examination confirms foul play.

Irene is suspended from duty and later arrested for drink-driving. Meadows questions her about her motives for making the complaint. She considers dropping the allegation but by this time things have gone too far for that.

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