Episode No.   Series
1609 2001x049
Original Airdate
10th July 2001 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Greed is the 1609th episode of The Bill.

A distraught P.C. Clarke fails her probationer exams, and goes AWOL instead of returning to the station. A gang of thieves on rollerblades are rampant in Sun Hill, and their mobility makes it very difficult for the police to catch them. P.C. Taviner stops a girl, Jackie Burns, at a skate park, but she insists she was just watching the skaters. As the skate gang gets more violent, animosity between P.C. Worrell and Clarke also grows fiercer, and the two come to blows in the corridor. A tearful Clarke admits her debt problem to Taviner. Scrutinising CCTV footage reveals Jackie's involvement with the gang: she phones them when a potential victim withdraws money from an ATM. Clarke returns home to find the bad news that her telesales commission has fallen through and her flatmate Caitlin wants her out.

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