Good Intentions is the 862nd episode of The Bill.

P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Page respond when a small boy falls from a window, and uncover some family secrets.


This entire episode is done with only four edit cuts between five single camera shots which continually followed the cast, as events unfolded, from outdoors to indoors and back again. Four of these were in the first half of the programme. The entire second half of the programme, lasting exactly 10 minutes and 37 seconds, was done in just one shot. This scene involved Quinnan, Page, Garfield, Jarvis and Steele interacting with several guest cast members and extras, interviewing suspects and resolving arguments in several locations in the interior and exterior of the police station with the camera changing direction as characters passed each other in corridors. In order to achieve this so seamlessly and flawlessly would have needed live show style planning, rehearsals and waiting for cues, as one mistake would have meant they would have had to start all over again.

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