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Not to be confused with Going Under (2008).
Going Under
Episode No.   Series
1574 2001x014
Original Airdate
20th February 2001 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
Richard Stoneman
Directed By
Ken Hannam
Episode Chronology:

Going Under is the 1574 episode of The Bill

PC Quinnan arrives late after rowing with wife Jenny all night. Ever the troublemaker, Sgt Boyden sends him out on patrol with PC Stamp, and pairing PCs Page and Hagen. Quinnan and Page have trouble keeping their mind on the job, and this gets dangerous when Stamp is attacked by a gang of thugs on the Docklands Light Railway and Quinnan is nowhere to be seen. When Jenny leaves him and returns to Dublin, Dave starts to crack up. He puts on his uniform after his shift and goes on a vigilante mission to find the gang responsible for the attack on Stamp. DC Webb gets an anonymous call and finds some of the gang members tied up and sprayed with pepper spray.


  • Andrew Paul as PC Dave Quinnan
  • Lisa Geoghan as PC Polly Page
  • Samantha Robson as PC Vicky Hagen
  • Graham Cole as PC Tony Stamp
  • Jeff Stewart as PC Reg Hollis
  • Colin Tarrant as Insp Andrew Monroe
  • Trudie Goodwin as Sgt June Ackland
  • Tony O'Callaghan as Sgt Matthew Boyden
  • Eric Richard as Sgt Bob Cryer
  • Steven Hartley as Supt Tom Chandler
  • Chris Simmons as DC Mickey Webb
  • Holly Davidson as PC Roz Clarke
  • Rene Zagger as PC Nick Klein
  • Suzanne Maddock as PC Cass Rickman
  • Ben Peyton as PC Ben Hayward
  • Matthew Crompton as PC Sam Harker


This episode features a new title sequence and a new arrangement of the theme music.