Girl Power
Episode No.   Series
1275 1998x007
Original Airdate
15th January 1998 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Katharine Way
Directed By
Catherine Morshead
Episode Chronology:
Girl Power is the 1276th episode of The Bill

W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Stamp deal with a young girl who fels she has to carry a knife to defend herself at school.

  • Kerry Peers as W.D.C. Croft
  • Gregory Donaldson as D.C. Proctor
  • Graham Cole as P.C. Stamp
  • Andrea Mason as W.P.C. Keane
  • Trudie Goodwin as Sgt. Ackland
  • Ray Ashcroft as D.S. Daly
  • Lolita Chakrabarti as W.P.C. Blake
  • Matthew Crompton as P.C. Harker

Roland Oliver, who plays Mr. Godwin, was previously on the cast as Sgt. Joe Corrie (1990-1991). This has been billed elsewhere as the first time that an actor who had played a regular major character had returned to play a different character. Instead, the circumstances serve to underscore the fact that Oliver was a short-stay guest artist rather than a regular cast member.

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