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Getting Away With Murder
Episode No.   Series
2163 2007x037
Original Airdate
31 May 2007 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
Mark Johnson
Directed By
Simon Massey
Episode Chronology:

Getting Away With Murder is the 2166th episode of The Bill.

Sgt Hunter and PC Kapoor witness a mugging and uncover a case of blackmail. A witness complains that he has been receiving threatening phone calls from ex-copper Ray Moore. PCs Keane and Hollis attend the scene of a road traffic accident.


  • DS Phil Hunter - Scott Maslen
  • DC Terry Perkins - Bruce Byron
  • DC Jo Masters - Sally Rogers
  • Supt John Heaton - Daniel Flynn
  • PC Leela Kapoor - Seema Bowri
  • Sgt Dale Smith - Alex Walkinshaw
  • PC Emma Keane - Melanie Gutteridge
  • PC Will Fletcher - Gary Lucy
  • PC Dan Casper - Chris Jarvis
  • PC Reg Hollis - Jeff Stewart
  • CSE Lorna Hart - Siobhan Redmond
  • Ray Moore - Mark Bonnar