Frontline: End Game
Episode 593
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Episode No.   Series
2253 2008x035
Original Airdate
15th May 2008 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:
Metropolitan Police
Case No. 750391678

After taking some time out to mourn the loss of PC Emma Keane, Sergeant Stone throws himself back into work where he assures PCs Sally Armstrong, Ben Gayle and Will Fletcher that he will find the bomber. However, Sun Hill are soon horrified when they receive another message telling them that another bomb is going to explode in three hours time.

Desperately trying to piece together the evidence, DC Grace Dasari interviews Carl Adams and Jeff Bowman, who were targeted in the previous bombs. She also talks to James Marfield, who’s flatmate was killed in the blasts. After further investigation, the Sun Hill officers are shocked to the core when they discover that Emma’s murderer has been in the station throughout the entire investigation and has now disappeared.All the stops are pulled out in order to find the killer and the ticking bomb is finally traced to Mrs Waverley who is doing the school run and unaware of the devastation ahead of her. Rushing to the school and with only seconds to spare until the bomb explodes, Stone and DC Mickey Webb locate Mrs Waverley and Stone shouts to Mickey to get Mrs Waverley to safety while he is left struggling to get her baby out. Mickey can only stand back and watch with a distraught Mrs Waverley as the car suddenly explodes, with no sign of Stone or the baby in sight.
Later, at Emma’s funeral, Sun Hill officers bid a farewell salute to her as her coffin is carried into the church. Inside, Sally struggles with her speech, but the sight of Stone gives her the strength to go on. After a demanding and arduous day, Stone, Sally, Will and Ben stand together to pay their final respects to their colleague and friend by her graveside.


(Episode Cast)

Simon Rouse

Sam Callis

Ali Bastain

Chris Simmons

Amita Dhiri

Micah Balfour

Gary Lucy

Daniel Flynn

Alex Walkinshaw

Cat Simmons

Ben Richards

John Bowler

Liz May Brice

  • (DI Karen Lacy)

Henry Miller

  • (Colin Moore)

Mark Bagnall

  • (Carl Adams)

Joe Tucker

  • (Bill Moore)

Josh Cole

  • (Peter Waverley)

Joanna Bending

  • (Mrs. Waverley)



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