For Better, For Wrose is the 1646th episode of The Bill

PCs Page and Rickman are at the home of Mr and Mrs Gorrie who are concerned about their missing neighbour, Rosie Butterworth. She was last heard arguing with her violent ex-con husband, Jimmy the Lisp. They visit his home but there is no answer. Later, at the front desk, Page is faced by a huge man: Butterworth has come to report that his wife is missing. The next day, Page accompanies PC Stamp and DS McAllister as they search Butterworth's home for clues. Butterworth is convinced she has scarpered to Spain. Stamp uncovers a box in the garden containing a gun and an empty jeweller's bag. Butterworth is taken in for questioning but, with no real evidence, he is released. DCI Meadows suggests that maybe Rosie ran off with the undiscovered proceeds of a robbery that Butterworth went down for. Trawling through Rosie's address book Page traces a Cecil Preddie, a convicted murderer, who was released from prison a couple of days earlier. Page decides to pay Butterworth another visit but both are surprised when Preddie turns up asking for Rosie and claiming to be her husband.

Chris Parr, who succeeded Richard Handforth as executive producer of The Bill, was responsible for this episode, which was presumably produced after the five-part run of episodes that follow.

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