Final Drive is the 1021st episode of The Bill

P.C. Jarvis is on the last few days of the Advanced Driving Course at Hendon. He gets on well with fellow team member W.P.C. Sommer, but neither of them can stand the third officer in their group, P.C. Penrose, the smug, overbearing son of a "Black Rat" (traffic officer) who sees himself as the best driver in the Met., let alone the course. The trio attends a quiz night the night before their "final drive", the all-important test of their advanced driving skills, and Jarvis stops Penrose from drinking too much before the test. Battling station rumours that he is being re-assessed, P.C. Stamp arrives at Hendon to check on Jarvis's progress - and is pleased when Jarvis passes his final drive easily, but just a few points short however of becoming a Class 1 (Area Car) driver. A hung-over and ungrateful Penrose also misses out on his Class 1 rating, but W.P.C. Sommer makes it.

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