Faith In The System is the 669th episode of The Bill.

D.C. Carver and D.C. Lines are observing a car park from a camper van when they hear shouting. Carver goes to investigate and finds a man being beaten up by D.C. Boulton from Barton Street station. The suspect makes a complaint against Boulton, who is not happy that Carver won't back him up as a witness to the arrest. Insp. Monroe tries to pressurise Carver into turning Boulton in, while D.S. Pearce wants him to back Boulton up. The suspect is also pressurising Carver.

Carver and Lines catch a girl breaking into a BMW. Carver talks to Ch. Insp. Conway and gets her a place in a safe house. The girl gives the name of the man who told her to break into the car.


  • Russell Boulter (D.C. John Boulton) would later join the cast with the promotion of his character to detective sergeant in Saved.
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