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130 1989x047
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13th June 1989 FlagIcon UK small
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FAT'AC is the 130th episode of The Bill


Yorkie is on hand at the scene of a fatal accident. Everyone is being held up and Yorkie is stressing out. Petrol is leaking from crushed car which has dead occupants. Sgt. Penny, when he finally arrives, tells Yorkie off for not blocking off the road. When Yorkie goes to move a bus on, he discovers the bus driver is the husband of the driver of the crushed car. Yorkie is in shock and Viv is worried about him. Cryer seems to be the only one who understands. Yorkie is talking about giving up.

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In 2019, actor Robert Hudson (P.C. Yorkie Smith ) recorded an Audio Commentary for this episode, released exclusively via The Bill Podcast Patreon Channel


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  • This is one of the few episodes in which P.C. Ken Melvin talks about his faith.
  • FAT'AC (the episode's title) is an abbreviation of fatal accident.

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