Envy is the 1611th episode of The Bill.

D.C. Glaze is furious when P.C. Clarke falls asleep on an obbo watching the Borrovitch brothers, suspected of running a protection racket. Out in the Area Car, Clarke and P.C. Taviner investigate the theft of diggers from a building site. The main suspect is Mick Abbott, an occasional employee at the site, and when Clarke and Taviner visit him in the bus where he lives, his wife reacts angrily and attacks Clarke. Desperate to clear her debt, Clarke begins moonlighting in telesales at her flatmate's company. While out at a bar with her new co-workers, she spots the Borrovitch brothers, allowing Glaze to make a connection with the stolen diggers and a German dealer, and a successful raid sees all the culprits behind bars. Sadly, Abbott's wife kills herself, and Clarke blames herself. When she does well at the telesales work, she goes to the relief darts match, but seems to have burned her bridges with her colleagues after her behaviour during the past week, and receives a frosty reception.

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