Gina has spent the night in a Hotel with married lover Peter Harris. The previous night she told him that they should end the relationship, and the next morning she explains that it's been fun but she wants out. Disappearing into the bathroom to get ready for work, she doesn't notice Peter slipping away. When she comes out again she is a little annoyed that he has left without saying goodbye, but she continues to get ready for work.

Later that morning the front office is noisy and chaotic and Ginas' nerves are frazzled; they become even more so when a woman walks up to the desk and introduces herself as Peters' wife. He has been kidnapped and a note was sent to his wife Mary. She doesn't realise that she is talking to her husbands mistress, but thinks Gina is an aquaitance of her husband after Peter talks a lot about her. Gina tries to wriggle her way out of the investigation, but she is forced to tell Neil the truth and Mary is insistant that Gina be involved.

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