Double Vision is the 671st episode of The Bill

D.C.s Skase, Lines and Woods, D.I. Johnson, D.S. Pearce and W.D.S. Morgan watch a man get into a van to do a deal to buy wine that had been hi-jacked. D.C.I. Meadows thinks this arrest of the men in the van has stopped some hi-jacks. P.C. Loxton is not happy he was left out after feeding Pearce the information, and complains to his informant. Pearce gets into trouble because the information came from a man he had never met. Meadows talks to the target from the morning, who has a licence in a false name, but he is not prepared to inform on the man they believe was behind the hi-jacks. Insp. Monroe argues with Johnson about holding the prisoners. Their mother comes to check on them. Johnson talks to Loxton about running a snout and she apologises. They then go to talk to the snout and find out he had told the other men held about the deal.

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