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Double Trouble
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31 1987x008
Original Airdate
9th November 1987 FlagIcon UK small
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Double Trouble is the 31st episode of The Bill.


CIB (Complaints Investigation Bureau) arrives at the station and none of the early shift are allowed to leave as they investigate two uniformed officers pocketing a parking fine. Nerves are frayed on the relief, particularly those of P.C. Shaw and W.P.C. Ackland who come under particular scrutiny as they were on patrol at the time, with Shaw particularly in strife for not declaring Ackland as a passenger in his panda car. As Ackland and Shaw are interviewed, another report of the bent coppers comes in, and CID arrest a mechanic from the police garage and his girlfriend who were posing as police officers and pocketing on-the-spot fines.

D.I. Galloway needs eight men for an identity parade after an attack on a woman. D.S. Roach runs into a mob of football supporters who are "persuaded" to help them out.

P.C. Stamp spills a cup of coffee on the P.C. Patel's computer keyboard, causing Patel to lose all the work he has done.

P.C. Melvin helps a lady who has locked herself out of her car.


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  • Taffy talks about a girl back home rather than a wife, yet he had a bachelor party in "Domestics".


  • First appearance of Ben Roberts as an uncredited background character. He would later join the cast as Ch. Insp. Derek Conway. As the character seen in this episode has chief inspector's pips on his epaulettes, it's not unreasonable to assume that this is actually Derek Conway's first appearance.
  • Graham Cole delivers his first line of dialogue: "Here, it wasn't my fault!".
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