Do Not Pass Go is the 1649th episode of The Bill.

Despite the discovery of the Saab car used in the murder, progress on the case is slow. The owner is identified as Paul King but when the police break into his flat they find King dead from a gunshot wound. Neighbours remember that a blonde woman was a frequent visitor. Trawling through statements after the TV appeal, DC Glaze notices the name Kathy Milligan. Meanwhile PC Taviner is annoyed that CID will not share information on the case with Uniform and decides to do a little detection of his own. He has a hunch that petty thief Derek Smith, who witnessed the murder, knows more than he's letting on. Taviner, accompanied by PCs Klein and Hollis, pump him for information until he reveals that the manager of a local night club, Arty Shanks, was selling a Saab for silly money. Back at Sun Hill Sgt Gilmore wants to tell CID but Taviner is reluctant and pays Arty a visit. At last there is a breakthrough when, as Glaze researches Milligan on the station computer, Arty names King as Milligan's pimp. [Source:]

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