Debt of Love is the 1631st episode of The Bill

Sgt Ackland is visiting Sgt Boyden at home to discuss his missing daughter Amy. Ackland reassures him and offers to help with his grand-daughter, Sophie. Later, his on-off girlfriend PC Hagen arrives but their encounter is frosty: Boyden still hasn't forgiven her for shopping Amy. With no formal police co-operation, Boyden sets out to find his daughter himself. At Sun Hill, police informant Tyne tells DS Singh that Amy is a drugs courier for moneylender Ashley Mullen and a serious user. Despite Amy's involvement, DI Cullen agrees to a covert operation at the next drop. Boyden is kept in the dark. Meanwhile, Boyden manages to trace Amy who claims to be in great danger and begs him to look after Sophie until she has sorted things out. As Boyden lets her go, Hagen rings to alert him about CID's plans. [Source:]

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