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Death of A Cracksman
Episode No.   Series
10 1985x002
Original Airdate
15th January 1985 FlagIcon UK small
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Death of A Cracksman is the 10th episode of The Bill. Hot on the trail of a safebreaker who has escaped from prison, CID discover he has been killed.


Alfie Mullins is a non-returned prisoner, not a dangerous prisoner as reported. He is an old-fashioned safe-cracker who, just as he is returning to the prison, is approached by one of a gang of thieves who want Alfie to open a safe they pinched. While they are talking Alfie is accidentally killed. The safe is rigged to explode by remote control which P.C. Carver accidentally sets off when he uses his radio.


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  • The episode was released on the Series 1 DVD Boxset released by Network in the UK in 2005.
  • The Series 1 DVD Boxset was released in North America in 2007.
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