Deadly Secrets is the 2188th episode of The Bill.

An elderly woman with Alzheimer's goes missing with her great-granddaughter. Uniform run the case led by Acting Inspector Smith and Sergeant Stone, with DI Nixon and DC Webb covering the CID angles. Will gets his first FLO case, and just as it seems he's doing well, a blood stained blanket appears nearby. The great-grandmother appears on a dual-carriageway but there is no baby in sight. Nixon works on her to find the baby, while Will works on the mother, who is arrested when she claims she got rid of the child. It appears she left her daughter at St. Hugh's, but the great-grandmother did pick her up. Will and Dan find the child, but Stone only acknowledges Fletcher's part in the finding of the baby, and Dan hands in his resignation when he is offered a security job in Ibiza. Meanwhile, Phil and Grace help Louis Dreyfuss deal with a man blackmailing his wife.


Final appearance of PC Dan Casper.

Not to be confused with Witness: Deadly Secret.

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