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Darkness Before Dawn
Episode No.   Series
659 1994x003
Original Airdate
7th January 1994 FlagIcon UK small
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Darkness Before Dawn is the 659th episode of The Bill.


Sgt Boyden and Polly are on patrol and discuss Reg's plans for a parachute jump. Polly takes a visit to a tower block where a domestic has been reported. There doesn't appear to be anyone in although the tv is still on. A body is noticed under the balcony and on checking they discover she jumped with her baby. Inspector Monroe comes down and talks to the man who reported the disturbance. Meadows and Carver also come down. Boyden finds a man sitting by the side of the road, who turns out to be the baby's father. When interviewed he has problems answering the questions. He came down from Scotland to try to be a family.


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