Dancers is the 1006th episode of The Bill.

Ch. Supt. Brownlow organises a tea dance for the Metropolitan Police Pensioners and Widows Society. P.C.s Jarvis and Quinnan spend the afternoon dancing with admiring elderly ladies, W.P.C. Page is harassed by a wheelchair-bound admirer, and P.C. Hollis puts on a magic show. Brownlow is dreading the arrival of Geoffrey Allerton, a former police officer who goes out of his way to complain about everything. When the minibus misses Allerton, Brownlow asks P.C. Stamp to pick him up in his car on the way to the bakery. When Stamp steps out of the bakery, he is horrified to find that Brownlow's car has been stolen while Allerton was buying some tobacco. Packing Allerton and the cakes onto a bus, a desperate Stamp tries to retrieve Brownlow's car when it is impounded. Allerton finally arrives at the dance, but causes a fuss when he recognises the grandfather of the bride at the wedding next door as a man wanted in connection with an armed robbery in 1973. The situation is further complicated when Hollis's rabbit escapes.

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