Crush is the 1627th episode of The Bill.


A gang of masked girls armed with baseball bats run riot at a wedding, but escape with the presents before P.C. Taviner and P.C. Hollis can catch them. The gang have been causing headaches for Sun Hill--especially D.I. Cullen--for weeks, and although she is not involved in the case, Supt. Chandler sends D.C. Spears to visit the local schools, ostensibly to encourage students to join the Met's Volunteer Cadet Corps, but secretly to obtain information on the gang and its members. The gang's violence intensifies and the bride's sister, Debbie Pike, is found badly beaten after an altercation with a mother and her baby on the high street. As rumours about her and Chandler fly around the station, Spears pushes an eager schoolboy informant too far, and he too is found bashed. When he regains consciousness, he tells Spears that Debbie is a gang member. Debbie admits she arranged for the gang to attack the wedding as she was in love with the groom, and Spears finds herself in grave danger when she confronts the gang on her own, but is rescued in the nick of time when the police raid the youth club.

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