Conviction - To The Limit
Episode No.   Series
2346 2009x040
Original Airdate
2 July 2009 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Clive Dawson
Produced By
Andrea Sapsford
Directed By
Simon Massey
Episode Chronology:

Conviction - To The Limit is the 2349th episode of The Bill.

DS Carter and DC Moss investigate an arson attack on a bar. A leading suspect is found beaten up, and Sgt Smith discovers that the bar owners are housing illegal aliens in appalling conditions.

Main cast

  • Alex Walkinshaw as Sgt Dale Smith
  • Sam Callis as Sgt Callum Stone
  • Christopher Fox as DS Max Carter
  • Lucy Speed as DC Stevie Moss
  • Micah Balfour as PC Benjamin Gayle
  • Ali Bastian as PC Sally Armstrong
  • John Bowler as PC Roger Valentine
  • Chris Simmons as DC Mickey Webb
  • Gary Lucy as TDC Will Fletcher
  • Simon Rouse as DCI Jack Meadows
  • Claire Goose as Insp Rachel Weston
  • Jason Barnett as CSE Eddie Olosunje
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