Compulsion is the 1642nd episode of The Bill

Acting DI Rawton addresses her team and puts forward the theory that rape victim Terri's death was not suicide but murder. Whilst DSs Cork and Singh voice doubts, Spears supports Rawton. Afterwards, when Cork tries to talk to DC Spears, she accuses him of nearly raping her but he scoffs that no-one would ever believe her. Spears returns to the riverside where Terri's body was found and makes a major break-through when a passer-by, Mr Bindman, reveals that his wife saw Terri's body being dumped. He promises to get his wife to call her. Later, Spears decides to keep an eye on Cork and follows him to a pub where he meets up with an old mate, DI Collins. Spears remains outside whilst inside Collins and Cork talk cryptically about the case. On her return, Spears spots a man lurking outside her flat and blasts him with CS Spray. He turns out to be her friend Eddie who works for the Thames Valley police. Her feminine charms persuade him to get information on Cork. Unfortunately, Spears is a voice in the wilderness when Cork manages to put the frighteners on the Bindmans and Eddie disappears.

DCI Jack Meadows has returned to his shaven-headed look. (See Money Man for further ruminations.)

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