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Episode No.   Series
119 1989x036
Original Airdate
4th May 1989 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
Jonathan Rich
Produced By
Geraint Morris
Directed By
Alan Wareing
Episode Chronology:

Communications is the 119th episode of The Bill.


Chief Insp. Conway visits the CAD room and others to try and encourage officers to talk about their problems. W.P.C. Ackland asks Conway what he thinks her chances are of becoming a sergeant. After being wound up by Sgt. Penny, P.C. Edwards talks to Conway about getting a transfer from Sun Hill as his wife does not like living in the city. Edwards and W.P.C. Brind visit the parents of a missing girl before starting door-to-door enquiries in the neighbourhood. Brind thinks that she has found a witness but the woman's son says that she was in a home when the girl was last seen. While door knocking, a car alarm causes frayed tempers. When the owner refuses to turn off the alarm, the car is vandalised. The missing girl is later found in the market.


(Episode Cast: in credits order)

  • Neil McCaul as Clarkson
  • Oliver Haden as Christos Georgiou
  • Heronimo Sehmi as Mr. Mendis
  • Julie-Christian Young as Mrs. Mendis
  • John Pickard as Wayne
  • Lesley Clare O'Neill as Wayne's Mother
  • Rose Hill as Old Lady
  • Anthony Trent as Old Lady's Son
  • Tony Clarkin as First Neighbour
  • Hugh Hayes as Second Neighbour

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