Come Live With Me is the 1625th episode of The Bill.

PC Rickman's lover Leroy Jones asks her to move to South Africa with him. As PC Harker becomes involved in the NCS investigation, he warns Rickman about Leroy's suspected connection with heroin smuggling and a triple-homicide, but she doesn't believe him until she confronts Leroy. With the help of Nina, a woman he met in the hotel lobby, Harker keeps tabs on Leroy's movements until the NCS and CID make their move and raid a nightclub owned by one of Leroy's associates, Jan Resenbrink. A search of the furniture by Customs reveals no drugs as suspected, so Leroy is released. As he angrily heads off to the airport, leaving behind a distraught Cass Rickman, his fingerprints are found on a gun used to murder an undercover NCS officer.

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