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Care In The Community
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631 1993x130
Original Airdate
2nd November 1993 FlagIcon UK small
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Care In The Community is the 631st episode of The Bill.


A couple are about to move into their new house, but when an elderly woman is found dead in the empty property, P.C. Quinnan and P.C. Garfield are called in to investigate. They determine that the woman was the mother of the previous owner, and are incredulous when they discover he had abandoned her at the hospital to avoid having her in his new home.

P.C. Jarvis arrests a violent youth for theft and assault, but when the boy has a diabetic seizure while in custody, his mother threatens to make a complaint against Jarvis for not realising. Quinnan also finds he has a complaint made agaist him.


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Production errorsEdit

  • Dave and George have just visited the Jacksons' old house and neighbours. George is making a radio call to CAD from the panda car. Dave walks towards the panda whilst the call is being made. Look closely at the wingmirror of the car and you will see the fluffy microphone in the reflection, which is being carried along by a member of the film crew.

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