Burnside Knew My Father
Episode No.   Series
208 1990x021
Original Airdate
13th March 1990 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Burnside Knew My Father is the 208th episode of The Bill

Papa Reeves, an old friend from Burnside's uniform days, plans to end the life of his terminally-ill wife. Burnside takes time out from interviewing a suspected armed robber to convince Reeves that if he does so, not only will he be charged with her murder, but Burnside could also be charged as an accessory. With the robber's solicitor demanding his immediate release, Burnside has an ace up his sleeve: a surveillance photo of the man committing the crime. Meanwhile, June deals with a domestic dispute between a mother and son when the boy is found locked out of the flat wearing only his underpants.

  • Christopher Ellison as D.I. Burnside
  • Trudie Goodwin as W.P.C. Ackland
  • Kevin Lloyd as D.C. Lines
  • Tony Scannell as D.S. Roach
  • Andrew Mackintosh as D.S. Greig
  • Chris Humphreys as P.C. Turnham
  • Seeta Indrani as W.P.C. Datta
  • Mark Wingett as D.C. Carver
  • Jon Iles as D.C. Dashwood
  • Roger Leach as Sgt. Penny
  • Larry Dann as Sgt. Penny
  • Vikki Gee-Dare as W.P.C. Ford
  • Lynne Miller as W.P.C. Marshall
  • Peter Ellis as Ch. Supt. Brownlow
  • Ben Roberts as Ch. Insp. Conway
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