Britanniamania: Stand By Me is the 1619th episode of The Bill

A series of dawn raids captures most of the Britannia gang, but Julian Napper and Gary Hughes are still at large. With Napper on the loose, Supt Tom Chandler and DCI Jack Meadows insist DC Mickey Webb go into hiding, but he refuses to be intimidated, even when DC Duncan Lennox's wife's car goes up in flames. Webb convinces Gary Hughes to tell him where "The Nap" is, but Napper still manages to stay one step ahead of the police every time. Chandler and Ch Insp Morys begin to suspect that Webb is the one informing Napper of their movements, but DC Riley and PC Quinnan's investigations turn up the FIU's DS John Curtis as Napper's brother-in-law and the informant. Webb races to Napper's hideout, but is too late to save Hughes from being stabbed by Napper.

The Next on The Bill sequence previews On A Clear Day, which would not be broadcast until a month later.

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