Blood Rush Part 1
Episode No.   Series
2243 2008x025
Original Airdate
2 April 2008 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Andrew Taft
Directed By
Matt Bloom
Episode Chronology:
Blood Rust Part 1 is the 2246th episode of The Bill

Ben and Tony discover the body of drug addict Abbey Ferguson in a derelict building, whilst searching for a distressed young girl, and the trail of evidence leads back to her pimp Danny Peters, who witnesses claim lashed out when she refused to sleep with a client who was known to be violent. Stevie and Stuart set out to arrest the brothel keeper, but the encounter takes a horrifying turn when the suspect brandishes a dirty heroin syringe, and stabs Stuart in the neck.

  • Doug Rao as DS Stuart Turner
  • Lucy Speed as DC Stevie Moss
  • Micah Balfour as PC Benjamin Gayle
  • Gillian Taylforth as Sgt Nikki Wright
  • Simon Rouse as DCI Jack Meadows
  • Cat Simmons as TDC Kezia Walker
  • Christopher Fox as DS Max Carter
  • Graham Cole as PC Tony Stamp
  • Gary Lucy as PC Will Fletcher
  • John Bowler as PC Roger Valentine
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