Blood Money
Episode 468
Episode No.   Series
2158 2007x032
Original Airdate
9 May 2007 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:
Blood Money is the 2158th episode of The Bill.

Sam and Nikki attend to a young woman who was pushed from a walkway on the Cole Lane Estate. They go to the husband's with Smithy but find themselves talking down the husband who has slit his wrists with a whisky bottle. Nikki and Diane are called to a disturbance at her flat the next day, but she has disappeared without trace. Mickey deals when a woman assaults a man stealing her car, who turns out to be a confidence trickster who uses bent card games to steal cars from other players, so Tony goes undercover to bust the ring.


  • This episode was due to be aired as Episode 468, but was one of two mastertapes to be stolen when recording equipment was stolen during a break in at the Fremantle Studios in November 2006.
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