Billy The Kid is the 1599th episode of The Bill

A ten-year-old boy who calls himself "Billy the Kid" is arrested twice in one day, and when Sgt Boyden speaks to him, he reveals he wanted to speak to the police without being a grass, and that he is concerned about his sister, Kate, an underage prostitute who is being used by her stepfather in a blackmail scam. DI Jane Edmonds from SCG arrives to investigate the scam. She flirts with Boyden - the two clearly have a previous history together - which stirs up the jealousy of Vicky Hagen. When Billy is hit by a car, he is abducted from St Hugh's hospital by Kate and their stepfather Tom Adams, who is behind the blackmail and whom Kate is besotted with. Edmonds is all for arresting Adams when they use one of the previous victims in a sting operation, but Boyden risks letting him go so he will lead them to the missing kids.

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