Beyond The Call is the 1639th episode of The Bill.


D.S. McAllister is angry that the OCG/AMIP investigation into the murder of her informant and lover, Jamie Ross, is not progressing. When P.C. Stamp and P.C. Rickman arrest a young man, Dougie Morgan, for possession of crack, Morgan offers to help them catch David Swain, the prime suspect behind Ross's murder. McAllister convinces D.I. Cullen to place D.C. Spears undercover as a temporary receptionist at the office of Swain's lawyer. Swain takes quite a liking to Spears and wines and dines her. McAllister, desperate for a result, pushes Spears to do "whatever it takes" to find out more. Spears comes up with the information that Swain is planning a raid on a rival crack factory, and a TSG/SO19 swoop arrests both parties. Cullen is furious when the case is dropped, due to accusations of Spears's "improper" relationship with the suspect. Meanwhile, P.C. Hollis is desperate to gain a place on the Sun Hill team for the "Ask a Policeman" quiz night.


This episode was rescheduled from 9 November 2001.

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