Bang Bang, You're Dead
Episode No.   Series
1359 1998x091
Original Airdate
28th August 1998 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
Neil Clarke
Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
Directed By
Paul Murton
Episode Chronology:

Bang Bang You're Dead is the 1359th episode of The Bill.

Dave Quinnan and Eddie Santini organise a 'Ranks-versus-Guvnors' paintball challenge for charity. Rosie Fox takes the day off work with a migraine, but turns up in time for the paintball challenge. Conway is looking forward to it and has brought his nephew's paintball gun with him, but is annoyed to find that Reg Hollis has been chosen as captain of the Guvnors' side. Eddie uses the day as another excuse to bully Rosie. He goes off on his own to hunt for Rosie and jumps up on her. Later, he deliberately spills coffee over her. The Guvnors end up winning, mainly thanks to someone wearing a Terminator motorcycle helmet (who turns out to be Sgt. Boyden).

Later, Boulton's robbery suspect escapes from court during an adjournment, before being tracked down and chased to a derelict building. Fox and Santini are paired again and pursue him to the roof. They continue to bicker and Santini disobeys orders and leaves Rosie on her own. She is subsequently taken hostage by the suspect. When Santini hears her screams he rushes back and helps rescue her, but she is furious when he denies abandoning her and swears she will not let him bully her any more.

Paintballing Teams
Team A: Guvnors Team B: Ranks

     Reg Hollis c
     Derek Conway
     Andrew Monroe
     Bob Cryer
     Matt Boyden
     June Ackland
     George Garfield
     Gary McCann
     Rosie Fox

      Dave Quinnan c
      Tony Stamp
      Polly Page
      Debbie Keane
      Jamila Blake
      Luke Ashton
      Vicky Hagen
      Sam Harker
      Eddie Santini

Cast[edit | edit source]

(Episode Cast: in credits order)

Michael Higgs

Caroline Catz

Ben Roberts

Libby Davison

Russell Boulter

Andrew Paul

Tony O'Callaghan

Scott Neal

Colin Tarrant

Jeff Stewart

Lisa Geoghan

Samantha Robson

Trudie Goodwin

Eric Richard

Graham Cole

Clive Wedderburn

Huw Higginson

Lolita Chakrabarti

Matthew Crompton

Andrea Mason

Gregory Donaldson

Mark Wingett

Billy Murray

Simon Rouse

Shaun Scott

David Dayan Fisher

  • (Michael Sowerby)

Nimmy March

  • (Alex Creech)

Adam Bareham

  • (Defence Counsel)

Marcus Hamer

  • (Jason Jeffries)

Emily Machon

  • (Julie Craven)

Stephen Mackenna

  • (John Betson)

Jack McKenzie

  • (Mack)

Jon Croft

  • (H.H.J. Barnwell)

Adam Maxwell

  • (Male Officer)

Gary Dunnington

  • (Male Marshall)

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