Balancing The Scales is the 918th episode of The Bill.

P.C.s Quinnan and Hollis investigate when a store detective is accused of assaulting a shoplifter. The store detective turns out to be Bruce Nelson, a local have-a-go hero who recently subdued and then testified against an armed robber. Both initially admit their wrongdoing, but DS Beech visits Nelson in his cell and in return for his past testimony, quietly advises him to deny the charges as there are no other witnesses, which draws the ire of Hollis and Sgt. Boyden.

After talking to another witness, Hollis and Quinnan discover that Nelson regularly hands out beatings to shoplifters instead of pressing charges and has committed some twenty assaults. The shoplifter then drops the charges, not wanting to receive a criminal record, in return for the store doing the same, meaning all parties are released without charge. Boyden calls Beech into his office and angrily warns him that he will not let him speak to prisoners in the cells again.

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