Bad For Your Health Part Two
Episode No.   Series
1558 2000x082
Original Airdate
19 December 2000 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Julian Spilsbury
Directed By
Roger Tucker
Episode Chronology:
Bad For Your Health Part Two is the 1561st episode of The Bill.

PC Klein is missing from morning parade, and PCs Quinnan and Stamp find him unconscious and badly injured in a crashed van belonging to the McBride cigarette smuggling gang. With DS McAllister determined to prove that Klein was corrupt, Uniform race to find evidence to clear his name. Missing DJ Johnny Margolis seems to be the key, and he is found when the police search McBride's house.

  • Lisa Geoghan as PC Polly Page
  • Ben Peyton as PC Ben Hayward
  • Andrew Paul as PC Dave Quinnan
  • Graham Cole as PC Tony Stamp
  • Tony O'Callaghan as Sgt Matthew Boyden
  • Rene Zagger as PC Nick Klein
  • Natalie Roles as DS Debbie McAllister
  • Gary Grant as DC Paul Riley
  • Matthew Crompton as PC Sam Harker
  • Steven Hartley as Supt Tom Chandler
  • Colin Tarrant as Insp Andrew Monroe
  • Jeff Stewart as PC Reg Hollis
  • Suzanne Maddock as PC Cass Rickman
  • Jane Wall as PC Di Worrell
  • Holly Davidson as PC Roz Clarke
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