Another Country is the 1618th episode of The Bill.

While on foot patrol on the Jasmine Allen estate, P.C. Carver contends with an elderly man, Ronnie Atkins, who wants to deal with the local youths "his way". When Atkins's best friend, Len Harrap, is found having fallen from the top of the building, Carver suspects foul play and investigates further. Harrap's GP tells him that Len was recently suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that he had served with British forces during the Korean War. When a man matching the description of the chairman of the ex-servicemen's association, Charles Barratt, is reported to have left Len's flat, Atkins realises what has happened. Barratt was a corporal in their platoon during the war, and had forced Len at gunpoint to murder surrendered Chinese soldiers. When Len's daughter put his name up for the reunion, Barratt realised this was his chance to get rid of the photographic evidence of his war crime. Carver admits it will be difficult to get the CPS to prosecute Barratt, especially now the photographs are missing, but Atkins decides to speak up at the reunion in the hope that another witness can be found.

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