Angel Rooms is the 1612th episode of The Bill.


P.C. Hayward and P.C. Klein arrange to get their stories straight over the missing bag of heroin. P.C. Clarke ends up sleeping with "Phil the Pill", and is surprised when he turns up at Sun Hill the next day as D.C. Phil Raven from the Drugs Squad. Raven and CID arrest Benji Pullinger for intent to supply, but inevitably the missing bag is mentioned in the interview. Station gossip starts to point towards Klein, and Hayward confesses to Sgt. Gilmore what really happened. While out at a nightclub with his new girlfriend, Fiona, Hayward is sure he sees D.C. Raven selling drugs, and discovers that Raven and Fiona are previous acquaintances. With Klein's help, Hayward tries to set up a sting to catch Raven - he offers to sell him the missing heroin. They meet in a car park, and Hayward (carrying a bag full of baking soda) is surprised when the tables are turned and Raven arrests him.

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