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Steve Griffiths


Tom Cotter


Michael Ferguson

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 4th January 2000

16 (2000 Episodes)

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Angel is the 1477th episode of The Bill.

D.C.I. Burnside arrives to investigate a murder which looks like part of a series of male rapes gone too far. Andy Wilson, one of the previous victims, remembers something about an angel when he was attacked. Following a statement from taxi driver Steve Sanderson, D.C. Holmes finds a man matching Sanderson's description on CCTV tapes: his name is Mark Angelis and he works for a courier service with an angel logo. Although D.S. Boulton arrests Angelis in possession of a knife, he insists it is for self defence against the rapist. D.S. Stanton visits a profiler at Scotland Yard, and later discovers that taxi driver Sanderson has made a similar statement to Stafford Row station. Stanton and D.C. Proctor visit Sanderson's wife, and discover evidence that he is the culprit. They call Burnside to tell him, but he's in the back of a cab - Sanderson's cab...


(Episode Cast: in credits order)

Christopher Ellison

Simon Rouse

Clara Salaman

Russell Boulter

Gregory Donaldson

Jeff Stewart

René Zagger

Suzanne Maddock

Joy Brook

Graham Cole

Anthony Barclay

  • (Mark Angelis)

Robert Patterson

  • (Steve Sanderson)

Ian Embelton

  • (Andy Wilson)

Tom Bowles

  • (Peter Morris)

Gerard Murphy

  • (DI Shaw)
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