All Tucked Up
Episode No.   Series
927 1995x115
Original Airdate
10th October 1995 Flag of United Kingdom
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Episode Chronology:

All Tucked Up is the 927th episode of The Bill.

As it becomes clear that someone wants W.P.C. Ackland dead, she is horrified to find C.I.D. digging through her painful past to discover the killer's identity. Tired of being holed up in a safe house, Ackland decides to go back on duty, as this may also draw the killer out of hiding. There is a close shave when she is separated from Sgt. Cryer on street patrol and a man pulls an imitation gun on her, although she is rescued by a covert SO1 officer. Meanwhile, Mrs Cooper, a witness to the arson on Ackland's flat, comes to the station to make a statement.

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